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Choose Between Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade and Re-Implementation

Running a business successfully requires a dependable ERP solution that takes care of all business management processes, so as to let you focus on business expansion rather than management activities. While these ERP solutions like Dynamics NAV are capable of entirely managing your business, they also require maintenance. Once Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation is completed, it is necessary to upgrade it or replace it with fresh implementation. You must have come across a dilemma for what to choose between Dynamics NAV re-implementation or upgrade. Experts say, it is good to evaluate pros and cons of both aspects before going for a final solution.

Re-implementing Dynamics NAV seems to be more favorable for delivering more benefits in the long run. However, involved risks can't be ignored in this process. Since new versions work much faster for having richer functionality and more user-friendly interface for being more productive. Re-implementing the solution appears simple and less-time consuming as compared to the upgrade process, a long and complex process.

Primary differences between both solutions:

  • Upgrading the solution will give you all previous data in the new version. On the other hand, with re-implementation, the new version will only contain the master data.

  • A solution upgrade is mostly faster and less expensive in comparison with re-implementation.

  • Re-implementation needs more of customer engagement as compared to solution upgrade. But, it comes with more flexibility that gives a new opportunity to implement fresh business vision.

  • In upgrade process, the code includes multiple tasks like merging and fixing compilation errors, upgrading forms' user interface along with transformation of old reports. While in re-implementation, once the requirements are collected and analysis for fit-gap is done, the end-users will define project's scope & plan and split tasks.

Coming to a decision is a challenge, since there is no simple answer to the question. Thus, it is important to have experienced core specialists by your side, who have earlier performed successful MS Dynamics NAV implementation. Navision India reserves answers to all your dilemmas, for we have a complete team of ERP experts. Having successfully performed Dynamics NAV implementation, we come across among leading entities in the industry; aiming to help you carefully carry out the process within committed duration.

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