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Check These Key Points when you Upgrade NAV to Business Central

If you are running your business operations on a conventional system, upgrading to an advanced software solution can drive you business benefits that you could have never anticipated. For instance, those running on Microsoft Dynamics NAV are planning to move to Business Central. Particularly, for more streamlined operations and automated processes for substantial business growth and efficiency.

However, NAV to Business Central Upgrade demands business administrators to keep some points under consideration. Checking for these key processes help you avail of a successful upgrade and ensure business continuity without any such interruptions.

What to consider while upgrading NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

  • Current Version of Dynamics NAV

You should always check what version of NAV you are using. Although you can upgrade from any version of NAV to D365 Business Central, it gets easy if it is updated regularly.

More often, occasional upgrades take longer than usual and hence, some customizations may fail to upgrade easily between two different versions. In this way, you can miss out a whole bundle of opportunities on immediate versions and invest your hard-earned pennies without meeting your purpose.

  • Business Efficiency of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based, all-in-one business management, SaaS solution. This inventive solution is orchestrated on the fundamental capabilities of Dynamics NAV. Hence, it can be concluded that previously Dynamics NAV is now what we know as Business Central.

You can find Dynamics NAV 2018 functionalities with new enhancements in the latest version of Business Central.

  • Revised Financial Management
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Smarter Sales Service Management
  • Microsoft’s AppSource.
  • Integration of Microsoft Business Solutions such as Outlook and CRM.
  • Accessibility

Dynamics 365 Business Central works both as a Cloud or On-Premises solution. Whether you go for On-premise or Cloud, your choice of business solution depends widely and completely on your business requirements. It can be the size, nature of operations, and the investment reach.

  • Add-ons

You should also consider Add-ons while you are going for a NAV To Business Central Upgrade. These Add-ons are distinct business functionality to Business Central. In the previous version, you could find modifications through Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) written for specific functionality in the older development language of NAV.

Now, you can make the most of modern development language. Seamless publishing and execution integration with Dynamics Business Central’s tenant using the AL Language Extension for Visual Studio Code helps simplify Applications (Apps) creation for Business Central.

  • Budget

If you are planning to upgrade NAV to Business Central, know that it involves cost. Like other ERP investment, upgrading your existing system to an advanced and newer solution is a considerable business investment. Hence, you must check that the newly deployed solution fulfills your reasonable expectation for budgeting such as project management, the scope of work, deployment, training, and the on-going support.

  • Cloud vs. On-Premises

In case, you want to possess power over your own server, on you can go with the on-premise adaptation of Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, your company data needs to be customized a bit differently than what cloud variant offers. Business Central On-premise is extremely adaptable and gets custom-made precisely to the meet key business requirements even if they are the most complex ones.

Considering the above-mentioned points while upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central can let you save money, cost, and resources. In case, you want to acquire business benefits out of such upgrade, connect with an acclaimed Microsoft partner offering adaptive solutions and services across NAV and Business Central.

Known among these experts, we can help you find out if NAV to Business Central Upgrade can drive you business performance and multiplied revenue. Connecting with a partner like us can let you unveil many more ways to progress and innovate with this highly scalable and advanced sales software solution.

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