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Business Intelligence elements in MS Dynamics NAV

Business Intelligence is the appropriate way to present meaningful information to your organization. MS Dynamics NAV offers to SME’s greater control over their financial, supply chain, manufacturing and operations as well. MS Dynamics NAV (Navision) gives flexibility and reliability business tools to their patrons for running a business smoothly.

Dynamics NAV brings required business data and information all in one place that is the unified system. No more hunting for data and information from many different systems, so that you can make a better decision for your organization. It (Dynamics NAV 2016) includes core BI (Business Intelligence) and providing couple of features such as: - 1. Charts and KPI’s: - Charts and KPI’s are the awesome tools or features that provide how your business is performing? You can comfortably monitor the business performance. Charts, it can be many formats like Bar Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, etc. KPI, stands for Key Performance of Indicator also indicates the performance. 2. Reporting: - In reporting feature, ERP Software gives your organization historical plans, current tasks, and performance, comparison report, etc. The main factor is synchronization through you can integrate your business activities and operations and get the better organizational report. 3. Ad-hoc query and Analysis: - It also hands over the study analysis capabilities via an easy and familiar application like MS Office Excel and the actionable is required to change the direction of negative and positive trends. With the help of data and information analysis organization can get necessary adjustments. Are you struggling in your business? If yes, then you can move ahead with matured MS Dynamics NAV ERP System. It gives you the dashboard from where you can access anything which you want in your organization. For more info about it – let’s connect with us.

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  1. Business intelligence system makes Microsoft Dynamics NAV more powerful. This seems to be the best solution for any type of business. We are also a Microsoft Dynamics Partner in India, Australia and Figi. We are using Navision from last 5 years and implemented numerous business solution depending on industry requirement.

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