Business Central

Business Central— a Microsoft Cloud ERP for small and medium enterprises is listed among the choicest solutions due to various factors, including

· Lower Operating Costs
· Improved Time to Market
· Better Collaboration
· Scalability
· Increased Flexibility

This Microsoft ERP for SME has helped many businesses turn to ‘Cloud’ services without a hitch. With the global cloud ERP market projected to be substantially high and extensively increasing in billions by 2022, several organizations are fast adopting cloud ERP solutions. In such a case, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps businesses make data-driven decisions, drive greater operational efficiency, and scale to the next level of success with the stipulated time.

Specifically orchestrated for businesses that have outgrown their entry-level accounting software, Microsoft Business Central enables them to upgrade to one single, comprehensive solution to manage finances, operations, sales, and customer service. Additionally, it renders extensive capabilities across customer relationship management (CRM) systems, where thriving businesses can avail of an adaptive, multi-functioning platform to serve their massive clientele with the least hassle.

For the most part, D365 business central eliminates data silos while boosts efficiency with automated tasks and workflows. By delivering a complete view of the business with connected data, business analytics, and guidance delivered by Microsoft’s leading intelligent technologies, business central helps you to make well-informed, data-driven decisions.

Benefits of Business Central

· Financial Visibility at a Glance — It connects data across departments and delivers real-time access, enabling users to see data reports and do analysis through built-in dashboards. Also, Dynamics 365 Business Central contributes to accelerated financial close and reporting, while maintaining compliance.

· Seamless Integration with other Microsoft Applications — It comes with built-in Microsoft Power Bi dashboards and integrates seamlessly with office 365, such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft outlook. This contributes to further potential opportunities — for example, if a quote request is emailed, the sales representative could generate a price using business central within outlook.

· Optimize the Supply Chain — With Business Central, you can optimize the supply chain, such as predictive stock replenishment and auto-creation of purchase orders while tracking item locations throughout movements.

· Sales and Customer Service Support — business central shares CRM functions and helps you to track customer interactions and view opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, renewal, and more. Sales members can manage service requests, process payments, respond to inquiries, and more using outlook.


Irrespective of your business size, robust finance management and streamlined strengthen the workforce and the entire organization explicitly. To execute your business vision without a hitch, you can connect to a certified Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner in India, or if you are in or around National Capital, you can connect to an acclaimed Business central License reseller in Delhi (NCR) like NavisionIndia. Acclaimed as an accredited Business central Partner in India as well as Business Central Partner in Delhi, we are known for doing away with operational bottlenecks. We have reach across other regions in India and we are committed to progress and innovation at all levels of the implementation lifecycle.

On a conclusive note, businesses dealing with complex industry challenges can Upgrade to Business central from NAV and make the most of the inventive capabilities to witness unmatched profitability. This inventive solution helps enterprises, particularly small and medium-sized, come across dramatic transformation and enables them to keep pace with the modern world as well. You can Improve Business Operations Now By Sending An Email To info@navisionindia.In

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