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Boost Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)

Manufacturing companies always strive hard to improve their performance against key performance indicators (KPIs) such as product quality, cost, time-to-market, and inventory maximization. Apart from these KPIs, changing customer expectations, big data analytics, & advancement in machine learning are a few other factors that can critically influence the performance of the manufacturing companies. So, the manufacturing sector does require business automation to gain deep insight into the business to stay ahead in the competition. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is specifically developed to cater to the changing business needs of manufacturing organizations.

Boost Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)

Formerly known as Axapta, Microsoft Dynamics AX is a multi-language & multi-currency business application that comes with a comprehensive set of functionalities to help global production environment. Dynamics AX is a business suite designed for large organizations with structures spanning multiple sites or countries, in particular, involved in discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, and lean manufacturing.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for manufacturing offers real-time insight into manufacturing processes to enhance production efficiency and profitability while enabling a reduction in cost. Dynamics AX empowers workers with tools which are required by them to perform their individual roles, from a single source from any location around the world. With a unified approach, Dynamics AX improves business processes across multiple sites and geographies.

Manage Resources: Dynamics AX enables the manufacturing industry to achieve maximum profitability from resources. With Microsoft Dynamics AX production orders can easily be created independently or on the basis of proposals from master scheduling. With production, bills of material (BOMs) can be managed efficiently. Dynamics AX also offers you a reliable overview of the manufacturing resources. With this, organizations can easily meet customer demand by performing rough capacity scheduling, taking both finite or infinite capacity and materials scheduling into consideration. Furthermore, Dynamics AX also enables you to schedule production processes backward or forwards from any date.

Optimize Production Flow: Microsoft Dynamics AX allows you to define machines, employees, tools & sub-contractors. Organizations can allocate work center groups to resources and can also define operations scheduling at different levels of details. This enables you to determine whether finite or infinite capacity should be used for each work center or work center group. Dynamics AX, further, reduces the time spent on waiting for the availability of a work center with the option of selecting the “next best” alternative.

Improve Production Efficiency: With Dynamics AX, you can create cross-group links between resources to handle the same task to minimize lead times. By using properties, you can easily reduce setup time to ensure that operations requiring the same work center setup are scheduled concurrently. Dynamics AX also allows complete sub-contracting for full or partial production orders by utilizing material flow and planning.

Real-time Insights: With Dynamics AX, you can efficiently manage production processes such as production orders, production start times, capacity loadings, delivery dates, and materials availability by gaining real-time insights. By monitoring job, you get a clear overview of individual work centers’ activities. With this, you can easily access production performance to schedule. Job scheduling Gantt chart not only offers a real-time, graphical overview of the production schedule but also enables you to make day-to-day changes to optimize production flow.

Flexible Routings: Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to set up and maintain different routing versions, including network routes to avoid bottlenecks while maximizing production efficiency. Furthermore, routes can be assigned automatically based on date and/or quantity with Dynamics AX. You can also select the routes manually. Dynamics AX also provides information about queue time, setup time, run time and transport time required for each operation across production routes.

Monitor production costs easily: Dynamics AX enables you to record consumption and costs prior to production in a forward manner using base data or record actual consumption during production. With consumption and production costs automatically posted to general ledger eliminates manual data entry while enabling you to compare actual and estimated production costs.

Dynamics AX Production Modules:

  • Creation of production orders
  • Production orders
  • Subcontracting
  • Production Bill of Materials
  • BOM line type
  • Scheduling
  • Production status
  • Production status control
  • Financial integration
  • Production consumption
  • Multiple route versions
  • Multiple BOM versions
  • Route complexity
  • Route simplicity
  • Scheduling
  • Production release
  • Ledger integration
  • Operation components
  • Scrap calculations
  • Shop floor print outs
  • Cost tracking
  • Gantt chart
  • Task group
  • Bottleneck scheduling
  • Job monitoring
  • Scheduling properties

Process Manufacturing Production and Logistics provides integrated functionality for planning and managing production and distribution for enterprises engaged in processing of goods. It supports a variety of manufacturing processes that includes make to order, make to stock, or a hybrid environment with both process and discrete manufacturing operations.

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