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Attract Prospects, Amplify Sales & Delight Customers with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Customers have higher expectations and they need engagement across multiple touch points. In order to stay competitive sales teams need digital intelligence and productivity tools to heightened customer experience. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a smart business application that enables organizations to better understand customer needs while fostering relationships through authentic & personal engagements. As a full-featured flexible relationship platform, Dynamics 365 Sales streamlines communication with customers to win more leads. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales delivers actionable customer insights, enabling sales representatives and leaders to engage customers efficiently while proactively responding to customers to close more deals.

Attract Prospects, Amplify Sales & Delight Customers with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales features Business Intelligence that brings data from applications like Office 365, LinkedIn, etc., together to deliver additional insights into the hands of field sellers, inside sales reps, and sales managers, enabling them to make important decisions that are based on a correct data basis. Dynamics 365 Sales enables organizations to stay on top of customer data, helping them to boost turnover by using built-in intelligence and predefined business processes such as sales procedures with clear steps and tasks.

Core Capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Sales:-

Business Intelligence:- Predictive analytics and automated lead scoring enable you to track database of prospects and leads which can further be qualified into an active opportunity to pursue. With D365 for Sales, you equip your sales team with all the tools they need for each step in the sales cycle.

Personalized Engagement:- Dynamics 365 Sales brings together customer data to deliver a single view of customers and derive intelligent insights from them. By spotting trends & patterns from transactional, observational, and behavioral data, organizations can deliver personalized experiences to customers.

Customer Profile:- Complete information about every contact and account from a single shared database will keep the sales team informed and prepared to engage in meaningful conversations. Social insights, past communications, and contact details enable the sales team to target the right leads, contacts, and opportunities in their pipeline.

Sales Performance:- Real-time analytics, actionable insights, and proactive information enable your sales team to prioritize the opportunities to maximize performance. Dashboards, contextual charts, and Power BI allow your team to collaborate well within Dynamics 365 for Sales to achieve your business goals.

Sales Productivity:- Dynamics 365 for Sales automates workflows while eliminating repetitive time-consuming tasks. Email notifications, guided workflows, and intelligence-driven alert cards enable your sales team to focus on selling. Seamless integration with productivity tools like Outlook and Skype enable your team to perform routine activities, like planning their day, reviewing customer information, scheduling meetings and holding online meetings, in a few clicks.

High Mobility:- Dynamics 365 for Sales enables you to meet your customer requests on the go or in your office using any mobile device. Your sales team can track Outlook emails in D365 on the go and access and update sales data via phone and tablet apps with the consistent user experience across all devices.

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