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Aspects of Dynamics NAV ERP Integration with Dynamics CRM

ERP systems have become essential to function seamlessly across companies in every industry. A company can manage everything from production, finance, sales & order, inventory and all other processes under a single platform. Apart from the management of in-house processes, customer management is another vital part of a company's success. Microsoft Dynamics gives best platform for companies to manage company processes as well as customer relations with its ERP and CRM software. You can also avail benefits of both technologies simultaneously by integrating them using the connector.

MS Dynamics NAV Integration with Dynamics CRM can be highly useful to synchronize common data types like customers, contacts, sales & order and other information in ERP and CRM software. For instance, you can use customer information available in NAV ERP to fill the order form by a salesperson in the CRM. Thus, the connector enables data synchronization through simple integration of Navision ERP and CRM. You need to install the connector for Microsoft Dynamics and turn on the integration; which is followed by mapping entities between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM to complete the integration process. Below are the steps to be followed for precise integration.

  • Set up the users in Dynamics CRM to connect information and sync Microsoft Dynamics CRM; now you can install integration solutions that let you view customer statistics and navigate to directly CRM accounts, contacts and products.

  • Now you need to establish a connection from Dynamics NAV to organization's Dynamics CRM.

  • After enabling data synchronization setup, you need to verify that integration has been done with proper data.

  • It is now required to couple records of Dynamics NAV and CRM.

Following the integration process rightly leads to successful project completion that requires core specialists. Navision India brings the best integration to you with simple steps. Our services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration are various, among which Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration with SharePoint are the most sought after ones. Our end-to-end services for Dynamics NAV Integration help you stand out in the industry by having highly streamlined management processes.

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