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All You Need To Know About Microsoft Dynamics NAV

As a fully integrated solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP bridges the gap between you and your business partners. Designed for small-to-midsized businesses, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a centralized platform that streamlines business by automating and optimizing operational core functions. With all operations managed using a centralized platform, organizations get a better overview of their business. Dynamics NAV also eliminates departmental silos by enabling seamless communication across the departments.Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP enables organizations to expand their manufacturing capabilities by automating workflows.

As a perfect enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small and medium-sized businesses, Dynamics NAV automates and connects sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and stock management, enabling businesses to communicate efficiently while delivering information to users at one place. NAV can also automate processes to take repetitive jobs off users’ hands completely. By cutting down time spent on administrative tasks, NAV improves productivity. By improving visibility internally, Dynamics NAV ERP enables businesses to have a complete picture of their processes so they can see exactly where they can do better. By improving record accuracy, NAV helps in enhancing the quality of a company’s engagement with their customers, thus increasing customer satisfaction level. By offering a single repository for operational data, Dynamics NAV delivers comprehensive visibility of operations across production costs and outgoings, enabling businesses to assess and re-evaluate their budgets regularly to keep spending as low as possible. With real-time analytics, organizations can easily spot trends in their data and quickly respond to changes in the market.

Core Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP

Financial Management – As a robust Financial Management Solution, Dynamics NAV provides comprehensive capabilities for tracking and analyzing all your company’s financial information. Dynamics NAV enables you to easily manage multiple companies, locations, and currencies, alongside tasks such as creating and maintaining a general ledger; managing analytical accounting, inventory, cash flow, manufacturing costs, bank accounts, and fixed assets; as well as posting transactions; preparing financial statements; and reconciling accounts. Other financial capabilities available in Dynamics NAV include FlowFields, Cash Manager, Lookup Buttons, Payables and Receivables, Security, Traceability, and Fixed Assets.

Supply Chain Management – Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP enables organizations to expand their manufacturing capabilities by automating workflows. Process automation reduces redundant tasks, increases accuracy, and aids in minimizing handling time and overhead. Furthermore, you can also manage inventory while exploring new market opportunities with improved responsiveness, and partner collaboration. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office streamlines cross-department communications and reduces the need for extra training time. With Dynamics NAV, you get complete control over supply chain through real-time view of supply chain activities such as inventory level management , trend reports, forecasts, and transportation plans. You can efficiently monitor supplier statuses, storage facilitates, production plants, and distribution centers to ensure on-time fulfillment. Core capabilities of SCM module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP also include Alternative Order Addresses, Alternate Ship-to Addresses, Alternative Vendors, Analysis Reports, Assembly Management, Basic Inventory tracks, Basic Payables, Basic Receivables, Bin, Drop Shipment, Item Charges factors, Item Substitutions, Item Tracking, & Location Transfers.

Sales & Marketing – With Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, organizations can efficiently manage customer records, sales histories, contracts, and service agreements. Furthermore, organizations can also launch marketing campaigns with Dynamics NAV and can also efficiently track customer activity. Dynamics NAV also allows you to effectively analyze performance of marketing campaigns with powerful reporting tools. Features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV include Campaign Management, Task Management, Opportunity Management, Contact Management, Document Management, Mail Logging logs, & Electronic Invoicing. Dynamics NAV keeps sales and marketing staff current and connected be delivering seamless integration with Microsoft Office and mobile with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Service integration.

Service Support – Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP features range of support plans including basic and self-support resources to personalized account management. With varied levels of support calls, unlimited online training, access to a technical and support portal, access to upgrades and updates, new version rights, cloud services support, and more ensures that customers’ issues are answered promptly.

Project Management – As a comprehensive Project Management software, Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP enables businesses to profitably managing every step from resources and budgets to jobs and invoicing while delivering projects. Automatic workflows help organizations to better monitor ongoing projects. Core capabilities across costs and time, automate billings, track resource costs and usage, plan capacity, and predict availability enable organizations to make informed decisions. With Dynamics NAV, organizations can efficiently keep projects on track, align people and processes for smoother productivity, reduce errors by automating repetitive tasks, and provide accurate estimates for customers. Features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software include Basic Resources, Jobs tracks, Multiple Costs Management, Multiple Currencies, Sales Invoicing, Purchase Invoicing, Purchase Order Management, & Employee Portal. Business Intelligence – Built-in Business Intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP helps in predicting trends, reveal insights, and operate seamlessly at optimal performance. Seamless integration with multiple applications such as Microsoft Office, Business Scorecard Manager (BSM), Microsoft FRx, Microsoft Dynamics NAV ODBC Driver (NODBC), Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and Employee Portal ensures enhanced collaboration. With Dynamics NAV, you can transform raw data into rich visuals to monitor business performance by combining historical patterns and forward-looking trends.

Human Resource Management – Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP enables organizations to efficiently organize and process detailed employee records. With core HR capabilities, organizations can maintain records such as employment contracts, absences, qualifications, confidential information, experience, skills, training, education, and union memberships. Dynamics NAV ERP eliminates time-consuming, manual process of redundant data entry and decreasing the margin of error. Role based security ensures sensitive information gets delivered to only the right people. From storing employee information to tracking job and track company assets, Dynamics NAV enables you to meet complex regulatory and compliance requirements.

The Bottom Line

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP enables you to streamline business processes to improve operational efficiency. Designed to meet the needs of any industry Dynamics NAV is a perfect solution for Retail, Wholesale & Distribution, Manufacturing, Automotive, Transport and Logistics industry. For licensing & implementation, you need to connect with NAV Development Company. Partner companies deliver Microsoft Dynamics Navision Services which includes licensing, implementation, customization, integration & maintenance.

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