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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Accelerate Sales Performance with Dynamics 365 Sales and AI Capabilities

Sales isn’t as simple as its pronunciation, hence, sales businesses undergo many complexities. Had it been a simplified process, all sales organizations would have achieved their objectives without any hassle. Most importantly, today’s customers are demanding and their demands keep evolving. In such a case, understanding customers, the market, and the trends turn to be the most crucial points to

With a 360-degree of the customers and the complete purchase lifecycle, sales organizations can make more strategic decisions and drive higher efficiency. Manual efforts put to extract such information would consume enough time and involve resources. Dynamics 365 Sales with its AI capabilities can help a sales businesses grab an overview quickly, save time, and do more business-driven activities.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and its AI capabilities, sales organizations can accelerate revenue, improve sales performance, and ensure growth.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales offers

  • Real-time Insights

Now, AI-powered digital selling capabilities are available with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise customers. Hence, businesses can make the most of real-time insights to steer better call outcomes. It comes with Conversation Intelligence that entails analytics and data science to help a sales organization drive greater efficiency and productive. You can record and analyze call in real-time with key insight and committed actions. Earlier, these capabilities were previously available to only Dynamics 365 Sales Premium customers.

  • Dynamics 365 Sales Conversation Intelligence

Sales businesses can leverage the elemental capabilities of call summary screen. It shows call sentiment, suggested call highlights, and action items, and the call transcript. These capabilities with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise assist sellers to collaborate more effectively. It enables sales businesses to access subject matter expertise in the context of a deal, collaborate with global account teams, and share antiquities with customers throughout the sales lifecycle.

  • Microsoft Teams Chat Embedded within Dynamics 365 Sales

Both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Sales Premium can avail of this inventive capability—Microsoft Teams Chat embedded within Dynamics 365.

With such expansive functionality, sales organizations can collaborate with stakeholders directly from within Dynamics 365. This helps them prioritize sales activities to drive greater impact on the sales performance. The sales accelerator in Dynamics 365 Sales assists sellers in smart selling.

It creates a robust and prioritized pipeline, offering context, and initiating automated recommendations throughout a sales sequence to expedite the sales process. Sales personnel can even use Dynamics 365 data as an organizing layer for their Teams collaboration activity. They can link chats to Dynamics 365 records, such as leads or opportunities, to ensure convenient access for all participants.

  • Dynamics 365 Sales Lead Score And Reasons

Dynamics 365 Sales embedded with AI capabilities can help a sales firm pay more attention to leads and opportunities that can close quickly.

It offers predictive lead and opportunity scoring uses machine learning models that calculates a score for open leads and opportunities. Sales personnel, managers, and even the team can analyze the score to set priority for the day and spot those leads which require instant attention. This effective prioritization helps sales businesses quickly tackle the right leads and opportunities to multiply conversion and close rates.

  • Digital selling with D365 Sales and AI

By leveraging the elemental capabilities of conversation intelligence, sales accelerator, and lead & opportunity scoring, and best-in-class AI capabilities, sales businesses can remember the actions they have committed to, summarize meetings, and prioritize their work. With such capabilities, sales organizations can increase overall productivity and save enough time to spend on sales activities.

To comprehend Dynamics 365 Sales and drive maximum benefits out of such adaptive technology solutions, connecting with a certified Microsoft Solution Provider is diligent.

As an accredited Microsoft partner and a certified reseller of Business Central License in India, we can help you choose the right solution and steer considerable transformation around sales. We have won many accolades for our exemplary services and you can drive substantial technology enhancements under our experience & expertise to take a competitive lead.

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